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Work with W Hartley Limited to understand the importance of facia, soffit and guttering maintenance and enlist our experts to keep your roofline systems in order.

Roofline PVCU Soffit fascia board


Guttering, bargeboards, fascias and soffits play a pivotal role in protecting your roof against the weather. By redirecting rainwater and ensuring proper airflow, these basic yet crucial roofline systems can prevent leaks, draughts, water condensation, and other issues that could have a huge impact on your building’s structure and your comfort. As well as creating a protective shield around the exposed edges of the roof, a completed roofline can enhance the aesthetic of your property, creating a neat finish that complements the rest of the building. 

As part of your new roof installation, upgrade, or as a standalone service, W Hartley Limited can install low-cost yet highly resilient, durable uPVC piping and components to promote efficiency and protect your roof in the long run. Utilising some of the best products on the market, we can ensure you an installation to be proud of. 

Corner of a Roof Gutter


Fascias are solid uPVC boards that create a barrier between your roof rafters and the outside world. Positioned at the edge of the roof, they're designed to endure the UK's unpredictable climate, including heavy rain and snowfall. By stopping water penetrating the building's structure, fascias can prevent issues such as mould and damp. 

Bargeboards are long, decorative boards, typically installed along the gable ends of a roof. They run diagonally along the edge of the roof, extending from the eaves to the ridge to offer protection to the exposed edges and prevent water and weather damage at the gable end. As well as functional, their range of colours and designs can add to your roofline's aesthetic.

“William and his team were amazing. All the men were professional and courteous. They started the work on time, worked 12 hours a day in rain and wind and finished the job ahead of time. It was a big job. The job is top notch extremely good value. House looks amazing. Very happy. A highly recommended company”

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Soffits are straight uPVC boards placed between the outer edge of the roof and the exterior wall of the building beneath the overhanging section of the roof. Their main role is to provide ventilation to the attic space/rafters whilst protecting the roof structure from damp and condensation. 

Guttering is essentially horizontal channels installed along the edges of the roof with the purpose of collecting and redirecting rainwater away from the building. Vertical downpipes are attached to then carry the water to the ground instead of allowing this to drip down the property.

gutter on the roof top of house


Tailoring our solutions to meet the needs of our clients in Newark and across our service areas, we can also offer remedial works for guttering that has seen better days. This approach is often taken with leaking joints and blockages, of which we’ll remove the insufficient jointing material, clear the piping and install new sealant to restore your existing system. By assessing the condition of your roofline as it stands, we can prevent the need for a full removal and mitigate the cost of installing new if it isn't needed.

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Call 07796 285764 or 0800 707 6889 to arrange a visit from W Hartley Limited. We’ll ensure your guttering, fascias and soffits are in order!

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